With Mailcall, you can create unique, brilliant looking
email marketing campaigns.

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Get a generic template customized.
Don’t have the time or ability to make one of our templates your own? We can help take your company information and logo and get it into the template of your choice.
Get your own design coded and tested.
Have a design already created? We’ll take it and turn it into a functional email template and also perform the necessary tests to make sure it will work in popular email clients. Contact us about getting your email template coded and tested
Get us to design, code and test a template for you.
Starting from scratch and want a professional email marketing campaign? We can design, code, test and get you on your way to a successful email marketing campaign.


You better believe it.
With custom data, you can easily capture anything and everything about your subscribers like age, address or gender. When you send emails, you can include any custom data you’ve collected in the email itself.

Want to get really specific when sending to your list? Build segments that allow you to send emails to certain people within your list. Want to send emails just to women living in Auckland? Not a problem! Want to send emails only to people that actually opened the last 3 emails? Simple!


Mailcall will handle every new signup, unsubscribe, bounce and even spam complaints – all without you seeing or worrying about any of it. You’ll be sure to keep your mailing list on the right side of the spam laws.

Every email you send will include an unsubscribe link (required by spam laws) and a user preference center allows subscribers manage their own subscription. You’ll never see the ugly side of managing an email list again.