Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your anti-spam policy?
Right here.
How long does it take to get an account setup?
Once you submit our request form, we'll contact you to complete the process. Generally, you'll be up and running within a couple of business days.
Why do you need to approve my account?
We are very serious about spam and we require the manual step to ensure that our users are also serious and willing to agree to our anti-spam policy.

We apologize that we can't provide instant setup but we're sure you understand how serious the problem of spam can be.
Do you offer support?
Mailcall has a great deal of helpful information built into the system and accessible through the "help" button at the upper right when you're inside your account. In addition, you can email us with questions or problems at
How does Mailcall integrate with my website?
There are two main ways. First, you can put simple forms on your website to allow visitors to subscribe to your email lists. The documentation for this is all included inside the Mailcall system.

Second, you can automatically display all of your past email newsletters so that website visitors can see them. This display is handled automatically by Mailcall and documentation is provided inside the system.
Can my newsletter look like my website?
It sure can. In fact we think it should certainly reflect your companies branding.
Are there any templates for my email?
Yes there are some default templates built into the Mailcall system however we recommend that you invest in a customised template so that your branding is reinforced. We find that most companies prefer that their email reflects their brand and it certainly translates into greater recognition from their recipients.
Can you design a template for me?
We sure can. Mailcall is owned by a web design & development company. We have been designing and building great looking websites for years and we know the best way to design and build your email template. Check out our design page for some options or contact us by applying for a free account.