$10 per campaign

Every time you send an email campaign the cost is just $10 dollars (New Zealand) ...


3c per message

... plus 3 cents (New Zealand) for each email address you send to.

How much will it cost?

How many people do you want to send the email to?

Is there a setup fee?

No there are no setup fees.

Any monthly fees?

There are no monthly fees and no hidden fees - just a low campaign delivery fee. For each campaign you send with more than 5 recipients, you pay a flat fee of $10 plus 3 cents per message.


Any campaigns you send to 5 or less people are free of charge.


Let’s say you’re sending an email newsletter to a database of 1,000 subscribers. To send this newsletter, you will be charged $10 (campaign fee) plus 3 cents for each recipient, $30 in this case (1000 x $0.03 = $30), making a total of $40.